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The phrase Community over Competition may sound contradictory.  After all, if you do what I do, it is my job to get the business and not you.  So, I guess we can’t all be friends then, right?  That sounds and actually is very lonely.

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Let me take you back to fall 2015.  It was my second year at the Pursuit 31 conference at the amazing Winshape Retreat Center in Rome, Georgia.  (Here is my recap from the 2014 conference.)  It was the last day of the retreat.  I was sitting at a large table with several other ladies, some of whom I did not know.  Somehow we all began talking about how lonely the business was.  I shared that I had reached out to other local photographers and was totally brushed off.  I felt like I had no friend photographers or other creatives in our business.  Then, one of the girls (Natalie Franke) asked me if I had heard of The Rising Tide Society.  She then shared her story, (check it out here) which resonated with me so deeply.  I was so excited to learn more!

  The closest Tuesdays Together group was 45 minutes from my home.  I lobbied for a group in my area but I couldn’t get an approval.  So, I attended the very first West Palm Beach Tuesdays Together In February 2016.

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 It has been 2 1/2 years since that first meeting, and while I still feel like it is a struggle to find authentic relationships in the business, I am incredibly thankful for the friends I have made through Tuesdays Together.  Our group is small, but our regular attenders are amazing and completely epitomize RTS’s philosophies.  I still find many who do not really get it. They are scared to let others in, share their business knowledge, or weaknesses, or are just looking to see how it can benefit them.   But you see, this is the secret.  We grow our businesses alongside each other.  We can encourage and cheer each other on!  Our monthly guides are packed with relevant business topics from leaders throughout the creative industry.  We help each other grow more profitable businesses so that we may thrive in our industry.

“We believe that when creatives rise, the world is changed for the better. Together, we are empowering the creative economy to pursue their passion with the support of a community.”  RTS  Rising Tide Society believes in building community through relationships.

I am so very thankful I sat at that particular table that day.  Thank you Natalie for encouraging me.  I doubt you remember, but I will never forget.  Being a creative entrepreneur and small business owner is hard more often than it is not.  But it helps when you have others who help champion you on and truly want you to succeed.

Would you like to know more about The Rising Tide Society?  Check them out here.  Are you a local creative business owner looking for a local chapter near you?  Find one here or here.

Stay tuned, I will be sharing why I chose Honeybook and how it is working for me.


Tuesdays Together WPB

Thank you Lynn Studios for snapping this one for me at our last meet up:))



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